Certificate in Fundamentals of Mindfulness in Primary Schools

Certificate in Fundamentals of Mindfulness in Primary Schools

Course Overview

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Why take this course?

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment, on purpose and in a kind and nonjudgemental manner. In recent years mindfulness has been the subject of extensive scientific research which has demonstrated a wide range of benefits for both mental and physical health.

Schools are in a unique position to promote positive mental health and well-being for children. There is strong evidence that implemented effectively implemented mental health promotion programmes in schools can bring long-term benefits for young people emotionally, socially and academically.

The introduction of mindfulness in primary schools is rapidly growing in popularity and studies show that children who train in mindfulness show gains in physical and mental health, learning and cognitive skills. Mindfulness practice can help children to gain greater self-awareness, to understand and manage difficult thoughts, emotions and situations, to be kinder to themselves and others and to increase their ability to focus and concentrate.

Aim of Programme

The aim of this certificate is to give participants both a personal and theoretical understanding of mindfulness and to gain a detailed understanding of the applied use of mindfulness in the Irish primary school setting. The benefits of mindfulness practice for children, teachers and the school community as whole will be examined and explored as well as the research which supports this. The programme will include detailed instruction on how to teach mindfulness to primary school students with a specific focus on linking mindfulness with the SPHE curriculum. Having a strong personal mindfulness practice is key to teaching mindfulness to others effectively. Students will be supported in the development of their own personal mindfulness practice and will be encouraged to reflect on their practice as the programme progresses.

What will I experience?

Programme Content

• Principles of Mindfulness
• Formal Mindfulness Practices
• Informal Mindfulness Practices
• Mindful Self-Compassion
• Science of Mindfulness
• Benefts of Mindfulness for Primary Teachers
• Benefts of Mindfulness for Children
• Teaching Mindfulness to Children
• Mindfulness Lesson Plans for Primary Schools
• Linking Mindfulness with S.P.H.E Curriculum

Additional Information

Please note: Institute Induction is on Saturday 22 September 2018 from 9.30am to 1.00pm. Attendance on that date is compulsory.

Course Details

Course Fees:
Course Duration:
1 Year
Course Commencement Date:

Monday 17 September at 6.30pm

Course NFQ Level:
Level 6
Dept of Lifelong Learning
Minimum Entry Requirements:

Mature applicant


Grade O6 at ordinary level in five subjects in the Leaving Certificate examinations. Two of these subjects must be mathematics and a language (English or Irish).


Any QQI level 5 qualifcation is acceptable.

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