• Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement Handbook 2023-2024

    This handbook comprises of 7 volumes within which lie the TUS Policies and Procedures which have been ratified by Academic Council to date. Over time, more policies will be added to this Handbook as they are developed and approved. Where there is no TUS policy developed, the existing approved AIT policy will be used until such time as a TUS specific one is developed.

  • Policies and Procedures

    The following AIT Policies & Procedures will be in place until such time as the corresponding TUS ones are developed and ratified by Academic Council. This process is taking place on a phased basis. Note: All TUS Policies & Procedures are contained within the TUS Academic Quality Assurance Enhancement Handbook section.

  • QQI Policy on Monitoring

    QQI Policy on Monitoring

  • Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG)

    European Standards and Guidelines for QA in the Higher Education Area

  • Programmes and Registers

    Programmes and Registers

  • Summary of New Programme Proposals

    Summary of New Programme Proposals

  • External Validation Panel Reports

    External Validation Panel Reports

  • Quality Enhancements

    Quality Enhancements

  • Research Ethics

    Postgraduate Research

  • Student Lifecycle

    Student Lifecycle

  • Learning and Teaching Unit Key Activities

    Learning and Teaching Unit Key Activities

  • Professional Development & Recruitment

    Professional Development and Recruitment

  • Studentsurvey.ie


  • Programmatic Review Reports 2021-2023

    Programmatic Review 2021-2023

  • Module Manager Process

    Module Manager Process

  • External Examiners

    External Examiners

  • Retention


  • Annual Institutional Quality Reviews

    Annual Quality Reports (Athlone Institute of Technology)

  • Graduate School

    Graduate School & Research

  • Research Integrity

    Research integrity relates to the performance of research at TUS Midlands to the highest standards, and to the accuracy and integrity of the research record in publications and elsewhere. TUS Midlands is committed to providing an environment where research integrity prevails through the promotion of good research practices, together with the use of fair and transparent procedures to address research misconduct.