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Office of the President

Name Image Telephone Email Position Room
Bill Delaney See Profile for Bill Delaney (090) 6468109 Vice President Financial and Corporate Affairs
John McKenna See Profile for John McKenna (090) 6468111 Vice President Strategic Planning & Institutional Performance
Prof. Ciarán Ó Catháin See Profile for Prof. Ciarán Ó Catháin 0906468101 President
Dr. Niall Seery See Profile for Dr. Niall Seery (090) 6468106 Vice President Academic Affairs & Registrar

Administration Staff

Name Image Telephone Email Position Room
Sinead Denby See Profile for Sinead Denby Sinead Denby profile image +353 90 6468273 International Office Administrator

Academic Staff

Name Image Telephone Email Position Room
Lynn Allen See Profile for Lynn Allen Lynn Allen profile image Assistant Lecturer in Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapy E2324
Dr. Dr Paul Archbold See Profile for Dr Paul Archbold (090) 6442552 Lecturer Z303
Dr. Dr Niall Burke See Profile for Dr Niall Burke Department of Polymer, Mechanical & Design and Department of Civil Engineering & Trades Lecturer V305
Ms. Tara Cullen See Profile for Tara Cullen 0906468298 tculen@AIT.IE Department of Polymer, Mechanical & Design Lecturer
Anthony Cunningham See Profile for Anthony Cunningham 0906483096 COMAND Technology Gateway Manager U204
Dr. Mark Daly See Profile for Mark Daly (090) 6468156 Lecturer U301
Ms. Deirdre Scott See Profile for Deirdre Scott E2324
Dr. Kieran Dowd See Profile for Kieran Dowd Kieran Dowd profile image 090643042 Lecturer in Physical Activity and Health Science E2323
Ms. Niamh Dunne See Profile for Niamh Dunne Assistant Lecturer D13
Ms. Lea Farrell See Profile for Lea Farrell Department of Polymer, Mechanical & Design Lecturer
Dr. Anne M. Friel See Profile for Anne M. Friel (090) 6468092 Lecturer, Dept. Life & Physical Science E56
Dr Patricia Heavey See Profile for Dr Patricia Heavey Dr Patricia Heavey profile image (090) 6468095 Lecturer and Course Co-ordinator Health Science and Nutrition J1015
Ms. Yvonne Hennessy See Profile for Yvonne Hennessy 0906471872 Department of Polymer, Mechanical & Design Lecturer
Dr. Tony Johnston See Profile for Dr. Tony Johnston (090) 6471894 Head of Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Studies F2702
Aisling Keenan See Profile for Aisling Keenan 090 6468060 Lecturer in Web Development in the Department of Business Computing B12
Dr. Laura Dempsey See Profile for Laura Dempsey 090 648 3021 Lecturer J1018
Dr. Chris McDermott See Profile for Chris McDermott (090) 6483046 Lecturer in Law E2326
Ms. Michelle McKeon-Bennett See Profile for Michelle McKeon-Bennett +353 (0)90 646 8290 Dean of Faculty of Business and Hospitality B06
Dr. Brian Murphy See Profile for Brian Murphy +353 (0) 906468058 Senior Lecturer (SL1) - Department of Life and Physical Sciences J1019
Dr. Dr. Nuala Commins See Profile for Dr. Nuala Commins 090 648 8081 Head of Department of Life & Physical Sciences E61
Tom O’Donoghue See Profile for Tom O’Donoghue 0906483046 tjodonoghue@AIT.IE Department of Polymer, Mechanical & Design Lecturer
Dr. Áine O’Connor See Profile for Áine O’Connor Áine O’Connor  profile image 0906468012 Lecturer in Nutrition J1015
Mr. John Peavoy See Profile for John Peavoy Department of Polymer, Mechanical & Design Lecturer
Mr. Trevor Prendergast See Profile for Trevor Prendergast (090) 6471857 Head of Department B05
Dr. Dr Sean Lyons See Profile for Dr Sean Lyons + 353 (0)90 646 8150 Dean of Faculty X300
Ms. Alison Sheridan See Profile for Alison Sheridan (090) 6468261 Acting Head of Department of Business and Management B04
Stephanie Smyth See Profile for Stephanie Smyth Lecturer E1187A