Strategic Plan 2019-2023 - ‘A Technological University for the Region’

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan 2019-2023 will guide our next phase of evolution – our transition to becoming a proto technological university, ensuring our region’s continued growth and prosperity from an economic and social perspective. Each of the five themes identified in our plan – Learner Experience, Educational Provision, Research and Innovation, Engagement, and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - are central tenets underpinning this transition and were derived from an extensive stakeholder consultation process with representation from students, staff and a broad cross section of civic, social, cultural, business and industry groups.

As the sole higher education institute servicing the Midlands, we play an integral role in educating and upskilling the people in the region in key areas of technological advancement. It is vital that our graduates are agile and adaptable, imbued with the skills and competencies necessary to succeed in today’s fast-moving innovation economy so that we can future-proof the Midlands region and ensure its continued competitiveness.

The higher education ecosystem is in a state of perpetual flux and is being revolutionised by disruptive forces, such as shifting learner demographies, changing modes of delivery and educational pathways. As we navigate this period of considerable change, we are firmly committed to providing a high quality, student-centred experience with a strong focus on applied and academic excellence, and improved teaching and learning outcomes for all. We are also intent on fostering our relationship with our stakeholders, ensuring that we are firmly embedded in the social and economic fabric of the communities we serve.

Supporting this Strategic Plan’s themes and associated priorities are three enablers - Our People, Infrastructure and Operational Frameworks. Each of these will play a pivotal role in helping us achieve our ambitious mission and will enable us to respond dynamically to challenges and opportunities in the higher education landscape. This forward-thinking, flexible approach is vital to unlocking the potential of both the institute and the Midlands region as a strategic growth corridor and will be instrumental to the successful implementation of this Strategic Plan.