Staff Data Journey

Staff Data Journey


    Final approved version 2019/2020

  • Data Access Management Policy

  • Data Protection Procedures

  • Watch this 5 minute YouTube video explaining Data Protection

    One point of clarification - a name by itself is considered personal data in circumstances where it can identify the person

  • Frequently asked questions

    A List of FAQs - The more you ask the more comprehensive this will be.

  • Data Breach - what is it and what to do about it

    What is is and what to do about it

  • Data Handling and Clean Desk Policy

  • Privileged User Policy

  • GDPR - Summary Sheet Lecturing Staff

    A handy printout for Lecturing Staff

  • Summary Sheet Administration Staff

    A handy printout for staff in Administration roles

  • Summary Sheet for Research Staff

    A handy printout for staff in Research roles


    Employment - From interview to conclusion of employment

  • Post Employment

    Page Under Construction

  • Pension

    Page Under Construction