Student email

Microsoft Live@edu Student Mail

AIT has migrated it's Student Email system to Microsoft Live@edu. This provides students with a free 10GB lifetime email account, 25GB online storage solution, collaboration, blogging, photo sharing, event planning, instant messaging tools while maintaining your email address!

Optimized & professional email experience, similar to what you may use in your future workplace.               
Store documents and photos online so they can access them from any computer and share with others, with 25 GB password-protected online storage
  Calendar Features
Keep track of important dates, schedule meetings, set reminders
    Windows Live Messenger 
The world's #1 Instant Messaging client lets you do more than just chat using your account

    Click here to logon to your mail Account

Please Note: When logging in to your email account, please use your existing email address (e.g. A00012345), and your password is your date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY (e.g. 1st February 1990, is 01021990). All new emails are being sent to your new account.

Need to Access your old Emails?

We are currently in the process of migrating your email to your new account, however if you need immediate access to your old mail, or wish to transfer it to your new account, please download the Google Apps Mail Procedure which demonstrates how to do this.

Click here to access your Google Apps mail