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School of Humanities

It is widely acknowledged that human expertise or intellectual capital is the engine for our technologically-driven economy. Problem-solving and communication are critical skills for innovation. Humanities has a central role to play in this process, in developing a better understanding of the very rapid changes taking place in Ireland and elsewhere, and in cultivating creative and analytical skills to assess the direction in which we are headed.

Those shaped by a humanities environment have much to contribute to the development of the individual in a way that will benefit society as a whole. A balanced society with a sustainable quality of life is essential if long-term economic prosperity is to be achieved.

Humanities programmes in AIT range from communications to social care to graphic design and multimedia. They combine disciplines such as literature and social entrepreneurship, sociology and psychology, recreation and health, music and technology. Such convergence in academic programmes mirrors what happens in the real world and promotes an approach that is at the heart of innovation.

The School also offers education and training opportunities for careers in the hospitality, culinary, tourism and leisure industries, as well as the growing arena of sport and recreation.

The Departments of Humanities, and Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Studies create well-rounded, adaptable graduates with the capacity to adjust to the ever-changing professional environment. The programmes offered by the School provide a high quality education and training experience to all students who opt for them.

The study of languages (French and Spanish) as an elective in other programmes is also a vital part of what we have to offer. A highly-qualified and committed team of lecturers and a modern language laboratory with internet access and opportunities for autonomous learning are the gateway to a variety of stimulating careers.

Our committed and professional staff will be glad to address any queries you may have.