Green Campus

Slide show - Green Week  

From Monday 17 January 2011, AIT rolls out new waste management arrangements institute-wide.

New recycling infrastructure will facilitate the collection of four types of waste:

  • Tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc. into a liquid waste pod.
  • Food, tea bags, apple cores, banana skins, etc. into food waste.
  • Newspapers, empty cans, cartons, plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, etc. into dry recyclable.
  • Contaminated waste, e.g. floor sweepings, breakages, nasal tissues, burst pen, into landfill.

In our college, as well as our homes, we should only produce a limited amount of waste which is bound for landfill.

Volunteers will be around during Green Week to encourage and educate students and staff on how to use the new receptacles.


Green Week at AIT 20.1.11