Higher Cert in Science (Bioscience/Chemistry)

Higher Certificate in Science (Bioscience/Chemistry)

DurationModeLevelApplication toLatest Points
2 yearsFull Time6CAO


This higher certificate will give you an excellent grounding in the areas of  biology, physics, mathematics and chemistry. Areas of employment opportunity exist for science technicians in research, industry, educational institutions and governmental agencies. One of the strengths of the programme is that even if you have limited science at Leaving Certificate level, it gives you the opportunity to experience the main areas of science before deciding which specialised area of study to pursue on completion of the course.

The first year of the programme contains modules in the areas of science of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and IT & Computing for Scientists. In addition, the inclusion of continuously assessed modules in ‘Learning to Learn’ and ‘Current Scientific Issues through Enquiry-Based Learning’ facilitates the smooth transition from second-level to the third-level education system. The second year of the programme focuses on specific areas in Bioscience and Chemistry including Microbiology, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Cell & Molecular Biology as well as Mathematics, Probability and Statistics.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Leaving Certificate

Grade D3 at ordinary level in five subjects in the Leaving Certificate examination. Two of these subjects must be Mathematics and a language (English or Irish)or minium Irish Foundation level B3 (No points awarded for Foundation Level Irish). Minimum HD3 or OB3 in Lab Science subject.


Any FETAC level 5 qualification is acceptable. Applicants to this programme are required, however, to have the module Mathematics (C20139) or 5N1833 included in their award or alternatively have Leaving Certificate Mathematics.



Year 1

Learning to Learn, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics for Scientists, Information Technology for Scientists, Current Scientific Issues through Enquiry-Based Learning and Scientific Computing.

Year 2

Biochemistry, Genetics & Forensics, General & Applied Microbiology, Analytical Techniques, Organic Chemistry, Mathematics, Cell & Molecular Biology, Physical & Inorganic Chemistry and Probability & Statistics.


As a graduate you are eligible to apply to join the following one-year Level 7 add-on programmes at AIT: Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Bachelor of Science in Forensic Toxicology, Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science (Drug Development & Analysis). Alternatively, you may progress to related Level 7 programmes at other third-level institutions.

Professional Recognition



Career Opportunities

While the majority of graduates from the Higher Certificate in Science at AIT progress to level 7 programmes, some opportunities for science technicians exist in research, industry, educational institutions and government agencies. Industry offers opportunities in quality control, manufacturing processes, research and development and environmental management, within the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food processing sectors. In addition, many companies manufacturing textiles, agrochemicals and fertilisers, polymers and paints, food and drink, dyestuffs, metals and toiletries also recruit technicians for laboratory and process work. The public sector offers opportunities in water analysis, in food analysis and research, and in forensic science, as well as positions in third-level institutions. 




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