Creativity and Innovation - Thinking Outside the Box for your Business

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8 weeksPart TimeN/ALifelong Learning, AIT

The purpose of this course is to introduce and study creativity – lateral thinking or what is commonly referred to as thinking ‘outside of the box’. The application of these thought processes include innovation in business life and in the resolution of problems.

Definitions of Creativity, Innovations and Inventions

•    History of Inventions

•    Modern Creative Figures; De Bono, Dyson, Einstein, Buzan

•    Types of Thinking; Divergent, Convergent

•    Levels of Innovation

•    Technical and Physical Contradictions

•    Resource Analysis

•    Identity of Systems

•    Scientific Effects and Applications

Various models and tools are examined and appraised with practical applications and examples explored in class.

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Professional Recognition

Career Opportunities

Additional Information

Duration: 8 weeks – Monday 7.00pm to 10.00pm

Commencing: 7.00pm Monday 24 September 2012

Course Fee: €220